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IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants

Dr. Barone proudly offers IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast implants at her practice, an advanced implant option that combines the desirable qualities of both traditional saline and silicone gel. IDEAL IMPLANT® is a multi-layered and structured implant that contains saline, but has been designed to feel natural, mimicking the feel of silicone gel implants. This quality is made possible by the internal structure of the implant that consists of nested shells and two separate chambers filled with saline solution. This design creates a cushioned feel comparable to a silicone gel and lowers the risk of implant failure by reducing wrinkling and folding, the main causes of implant rupture and deflation.

These unique features can ensure there is a very low risk of silent rupture, and patients only need to look in the mirror to know that their implants are intact. Unlike silicone gel implants, patients who receive IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast implants have the peace of mind knowing that even in a case of rupture, the saline solution filling their implant can be harmlessly absorbed by the body. However, these implants are FDA-approved and have been tested to show a lower capsule contracture rate and a lower rupture rate compared to other breast implants available in the market. You can watch Dr. Barone explain the difference, and how it offers unique advantages over traditional saline and silicone gel implants.

Deflation/Rupture (MRI cohort) FDA Trial Data


Implant Type Clinical Trial Period Deflation Rate
IDEAL IMPLANT* 6 yr 1.8%
Allergan Gel 6 yr 5.5%
Mentor Gel 6 yr 3.4%
Sientra Gel 6 yr 5.4%
Allergan Saline 5 yr 6.8%
Mentor Saline 5 yr 9.7%

*Excludes pilot manufacturing site defect implants – Kaplan-Meier Risk Rates of First Occurrence

Capsule Contracture Baker III/IV FDA Trial Data


Implant Type Clinical Trial Period Capsule Contracture
IDEAL IMPLANT* 6 yr 5.7%
Allergan Gel 6 yr 14.8%
Mentor Gel 6 yr 9.8%
Sientra Gel 6 yr 10.0%
Allergan Saline 5 yr 11.4%
Mentor Saline 5 yr 10.1%

Kaplan-Meier Risk Rates of First Occurrence

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IDEAL IMPLANT® Structure Breast implants are made of multiple layers for a more natural, lifelike feel.

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