Treating Excess Skin to Improve Body Contours

treating excess skin to improve body contours - overview thighlift - Treating Excess Skin to Improve Body Contours

Treating Excess Skin to Improve Body Contours

Many individuals struggle to achieve the slim, toned appearance they desire when it comes to physical fitness. If you’ve lost weight, loose skin may especially be a concern for some patients. Even if a person is within a healthy weight range, excess skin can detract from attractive body contours, or give the impression that the person is holding on to excess weight. Luckily, with the right body contouring treatments, you can eliminate excess skin to give the body a slimmer and more toned appearance you desire.

There are several body contouring techniques that can remove loose, stretched skin in order to slim and tighten the treatment area. The best surgical option will depend on the area of the body that requires treatment, and each individualized patient’s desired post-surgical results. Below are some of the treatments for excess skin that may be discussed with patients who want improved body contours:

Tummy tuck: A tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, tightens and smooths the midsection by removing excess skin, re-draping the remaining skin so the tummy appears slimmer and tighter. The tummy is a common problem area, especially following pregnancy, so this is one of our most popular body contouring procedures.

Thigh lift: The thighs are another common problem area. During a thigh lift procedure an incision is made along the inner thigh to eliminate excess skin and give the upper legs the slim, firm appearance that most people desire.

Buttocks lift: Loose skin around the butt can give the backside a saggy appearance, and can greatly detract from the firm, round appearance that patients desire. By removing excess skin, the buttocks can be made to look firmer and more lifted.

Arm lift: Many people are frustrated by the flabby skin that tends to develop in the upper arms. Even if patients haven’t experienced significant weight fluctuations, the skin on the upper arm does tend to sag over time. With an arm lift, we can eliminate this extra, stretched skin to restore firmer, more youthful looking arms.

Full body lift: Many patients have more than one problem area that requires treatment. During a full body lift, we can lift and tighten skin from several areas of the body at once in order to address multiple issues without requiring patients to go through more than one recovery period. This procedure can be especially helpful following bariatric surgery or extreme weight loss.

Ultimately, by removing excess skin, your body contours can be significantly improved. Liposuction can be combined with any of the above body contouring procedures to further enhance the slimming and tightening results of treatment and eliminate stubborn deposits of fat. With the right contouring strategy, patients can achieve the improved physique they desire. For more information, feel free to reach out for a free consultation!

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